Patient Testimonials

“My new teeth look just great.  My sincere thanks and appreciation to you and all your team.  In the future I sure know where to refer my friends and clients.”

“It feels great. It’s like nothing every happened!” (on implant placement)

“It feels so real; just like my own teeth.” (on bridge placement)

Let me begin by saying that my visit with you was superb.  I have never had any work done that involved a large amalgam completed in less than 30 minutes. Usually I’ve been in a chair for an hour or more for that scope of work. Of course, I speak from experience.  When you indicated you were done I was amazed. I thought that molar would be a challenge, but you proved otherwise.”

“I am so glad that I took Dr. Allen’s advice to restore all of my upper teeth.  It is the best decision I have every done.  I love how my teeth look.  It’s so natural.”

“I wanted to thank you and your wonderful staff for a special dental experience.  We had a lot of problems that you handled.  I am so happy with my new teeth.  The fit is perfect!”