Center for Implant Dentistry

The Center for Implant Dentistry was made to take care of all of your dental needs in one location. Dr. Chad Allen has been using this method in Corpus Christi since 2007. He and his team use the latest in xray, 3D scanning, 3D printing and dental implant technology to create the right solution for you without having to see several doctors in different locations. We focus on patient care above all else. Each patient receives a personal meeting with Dr. Allen to discover their wants and needs. After this, complete radiographs (including 3D CBCT), photographs, intraoral 3D scans and dental information is recorded. A personalized and financially detailed plan is then presented at a second appointment accompanied with a full explanation of the records taken at the first appointment. Dr Allen likes to spend time with his patients reviewing these photos and digital images on a large screen so that everyone has a clear understanding of their options. Dr. Allen then works closely with the dental implant company to plan and order the specific items that you need. One of these items is a surgical guide which allows him to place the implants exactly how they were planned digitally.  In many cases, patients can leave with new temporary teeth the same day! As part of the pre-planning, Dr. Allen is able to assess which patients can have this amazing same day result for single, multiple or full mouth restorations. Please call to schedule your personalized consultation 361-854-7999!