Alex Vial-Nadeau, DMD

Dr Alex


Meet Dr. Vial-Nadeau

Dr. Alex Vial-Nadeau graduated from dentistry in 1998 and went on to do a 2-year multidisciplinary residency program in a hospital setting. Dr. Alex had his own practice for 6 years and once he became a father he decided to just concentrate on dentistry alone and not have to deal with administration work. He has worked in Quebec for 2 years then in the Northwest Territories for 10 years and the last 3 years has worked in Texas. Dr. Alex feels fortunate to do work that he enjoys doing and is simple, easygoing and straightforward. If you want to be enabled with the knowledge to make an informed decision about your oral health, he would love to help you. Dr. Alex feels truly happy to be a part of such a nice group of people and is glad to be able to practice in a group environment at this stage in his practice.